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Our showroom is located in Winter Park Station, schedule a time to come touch, feel and “play” with our decor items to see what might fit for your next event! 

Growing out of our love for repurposing collectibles and creating, we are excited to be on this adventure. We enjoy customizing and executing event designs and are glad to offer this collection of decor favorites for your next special event. The history of remakethat begins in Wisconsin (see below), but today Colorado is our home, and Grand County is where we enjoy hiking, skiing and camping. Grand County has many wonderful event venues, so it was a natural extension of our love for the area that remakethat would find a new home in Winter Park!

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remakethat History Starts in Wisconsin

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Sue Jackson and Sandy Krantz open remakethat in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

For years, twin sisters Sue Jackson and Sandy Krantz traveled together throughout southern Wisconsin hunting for hidden treasure at garage sales, auctions, estate sales and thrift stores. Their hobby soon turned into a small retail outlet in their hometown of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. People would stop in excited to see what the two had unearthed in their journeys around the countryside. When Sue’s family relocated to Colorado for Al’s work, her passion to continue hunting and creating unique repurposed items did not diminish. While skiing, hiking and camping around Winter Park, where their daughter, Emily, lives and works, Sue began imagining a new home for remakethat. Today, targeting creative rental decor for weddings and special events, a new showroom has opened in Winter Park Station (next door to Cooper Creek Square). By appointment, wedding couples and event planners can work with Sue to create the perfect vintage atmosphere. And if the current selections are not unique enough, she is happy to begin hunting for just the right items to set your event apart from everyone else!

To make an appointment please use our convenient contact form.

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The remakethat retail store in Wisconsin soon attracted many visitors to see what the twins had unearthed during their travels around the countryside.

Vintage and repurposed items, along with custom signs, became an early trademark at remakethat.


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